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Understanding Different Types of Storm Alerts | SERVPRO® of East Mission & South Edinburg

4/29/2024 (Permalink)

When severe weather threatens, there can be what seems like an endless stream of information coming in from multiple sources. There are more than 42 different kinds of weather alerts from seven different weather categories. That is a lot to process when you simply want to keep your family safe.

Understanding weather alerts can ease your mind and allow you to move to safety faster. You can also better prepare your home before a storm rolls in and protect your property from costly damages.

Gaining a general knowledge of lots of different kinds of weather and their corresponding alerts is helpful, but understanding the weather that affects us the most here in Texas is crucial in taking steps to protect your life.

How Alerts Are Issued

Where do alerts come from? When a forecast is made, how is the storm’s location, duration and strength monitored? There are actually several pieces of information that work together to create and issue alerts.

The entity responsible for both forecasts and issuing weather alerts is the National Weather Service. Around the nation there are six different regional offices and over 100 forecasting offices, which means weather alerts are localized and more accurate. Our weather forecasts come from the office located right here in Brownsville.

The National Weather Service personnel and other meteorologists utilize several different forms of information in order to create a forecast, including sensors, seismic activity, various meters and satellite radar. The type of data used varies according to the type of weather event predicted to occur, but the end result is always to make the most accurate forecast possible.

The Most Important Alerts to Understand

We all need to understand the difference between a “watch” and a “warning,” as these are two words that will be used in almost every weather situation. Thunderstorms, floods and winter storms are just three examples of weather activity that will almost always have both watches and warnings issued along with them.

When a watch is issued, it will cover a large area and mean that there is potential for a severe storm to move in. You should begin preparing your home and your family and ensure you have a way to continue to receive alerts.

warning is issued for a much smaller area, typically a town or a county, when a dangerous storm has been pinpointed. When a warning is issued, you should move to safety immediately.

Our subtropical climate means that our winters are mild but our spring and summer come with a wide variety of weather extremes. Our coastal neighborhoods have to prepare for hurricanes and coastal flooding, while the rest of our area needs to always be ready for severe thunderstorms, tornadoes, river flooding and flash floods.

We can also see extreme heat over the summer. Familiarize yourself with the alerts that come along with all of this weather so that you can stay prepared no matter what heads our way.

Protecting Your Home During a Storm

The first step to protecting your home and your loved ones is understanding weather alerts when they are issued, but there are a few other preventative steps you can take now to avoid damage later.

Take care of your gutters and secure your outdoor furniture before a storm to avoid flooding damage and wind damage.

Secure a spot in your home as a safe space and keep it stocked with supplies. Create an exit plan for your family for those times when it is not safe to stay in place.

Once the storm is over, walk your property and take any pictures of damage you have received. Make SERVPRO one of your first calls. We are available 247 and ready to start your restoration fast. As your neighbors, we want to get you back home as soon as possible.

The more you can learn about our Texas weather, the safer you can keep your property and your family. Make sure you are aware of all the different alerts that could be issued and ride out the next storm with ease.

Experienced storm damage to your home or property? Contact us today for a quick response!

The Reality of Sewage Leaks | SERVPRO® of East Mission & South Edinburg

4/2/2024 (Permalink)

Dealing with a sewage leak might be one of the worst things you ever have to do as a homeowner or business owner—or at least the stinkiest. A sewage leak might not leave behind as much damage as some other disasters, but it still ranks high on the never-want-to-live-through list for all of us.

Sewage leaks can be common, though, and they can happen to anyone, any time. Get to know how to react when things start getting a little messy, and you can be on the road to recovery in no time.

What to Do First

When wastewater can’t move through your pipes cleanly, it can start to back up, finding its way out through sinks, tubs and just about any other drain it can reach. Sewage leaks can also happen if a pipe or water line cracks or is otherwise damaged.

It doesn’t really matter where it comes from, sewage leaks are not something you should handle on your own. When water leaks into your home, it is classified into three different categories—white water, gray water or black water. While white and gray water come from sources that are considered generally clean and nontoxic, black water is toxic. Sewage leaks always fall into the black water category and are considered a biohazard. They contain viruses, bacteria and other microbes that can make you sick when you encounter them.

Stay away from the leak and turn the water off to your home to stop the flow as quickly as possible. If you have pets or children, block the area so they can’t get near it. Open windows all around the leak as well to help with the fumes. Call us right away, too—we can respond day or night to start your recovery.

Where SERVPRO® Comes In

From the moment you contact us, we will start gathering as much information as possible in order to send our team of trained experts to your home. We are trained and certified to handle any kind of biohazard cleanup quickly and effectively—and we have all the safety equipment and tools to do it.

Once you know our team is on the way, you can spend some time snapping photos of the leak. These may not be images you ever want to see again, but the more documentation you can provide to your insurance company, the easier the claim process will be. Photos can also help us find the origin of the leak in order to correct it.

Identifying the cause of the sewage leak will be one of the first steps we take when you get to your property. We will also immediately begin removing the water and sewage. Remember that sewage leaks are considered hazardous, so you will need to steer clear for a little while as we get everything cleaned up.

Cleaning after a sewage leak entails quite a few steps, many of which will be ongoing all at the same time. We will make sure things are deep-cleaned, sanitized and free of odors. Our crew can also handle any physical damage that the leak may have caused. We make it our goal to put everything back together so you can get back to life as normal quickly.

Finding a sewage leak in your home or office isn’t just stinky, it can also be a real health hazard. Take quick action to isolate the leak and call us right away. We can handle the cleanup so you never have to see the mess again.

Sewage leaks should always be cleaned up by professionals. Call SERVPRO®, and we will take care of you.

1 Team That Can Handle Multiple Kinds of Damage | SERVPRO® of East Mission & South Edinburg

4/2/2024 (Permalink)

Have you ever found yourself wondering when the streak of bad luck will end? It seems like one minor occurrence can lead to so many more, leaving you feeling like the rainy days will never end.

This is particularly true when disaster strikes. Even a small disaster can take weeks to recover from, and one kind of damage will almost always lead to another. Whether a disaster affects only your home or our entire community, fast recovery is something we all need and deserve when heavy rains settle into our lives.

This is why having a total restoration company right around the corner is crucial. With one call to SERVPRO®, we can get things put back together fast no matter what you face.

The Impact of Disasters

The impact of a disaster striking is really immeasurable. Even when a natural disaster is predicted with plenty of time to prepare, it can hit harder and faster than anyone ever anticipated. A disaster that stems from manmade causes can be equally devastating, particularly when things happen completely out of the blue.

A single rain storm that gets heavy can cause a flash flood that can later lead to mold growth. Winds can blow a tree down onto your roof, or take out the power long-term. Fires in your home can leave behind smoke, soot, water damage and intense odors.

Disasters are the very definition of the well-known cliche “when it rains, it pours” as damages will always compound. The longer any kind of damage sticks around, the worse things will get as well.

The physical toll of a disaster striking isn’t the only kind that will settle into your lives either. The mental toll of a disaster can be one of the most challenging ones to deal with, which is why fast recovery is crucial.

A Single Team, Total Restoration

When something happens to your home or your town, timing will always matter. Our team is always ready, 365 days a year, 247. From the moment you dial our number, we will start your recovery process as we gather information and put together a team to head your way.

SERVPRO’s staff is trained and certified in a number of disaster scenarios. Not only do we come with highly-trained professionals, we are also well experienced. Our office is locally owned and operated, which means we have experienced the same disasters you have, and we have cleaned many of the homes and offices right here at home.

If a storm blows through town and causes damage to your roof, we can respond around the clock to get it tarped and protected from further damage. If a flood sweeps through town or just your own home, we will start removing water while we simultaneously work to save as much of your personal property as possible.

When a section of your home is damaged beyond repair, we can rebuild it. We make it our goal to get your life put back together, and whatever it takes to meet that goal is exactly what we will do.

Because our team is a total restoration team, we never walk away until you are completely happy with the final product. If your home doesn’t smell like it should after a fire left things charred or mold spread rapidly, we will keep working until it does.

A highly trained staff, top-of-the-line equipment and nonstop availability means that SERVPRO is the only call you will have to make when a rainy season of your life sets in. We will have you believing in sunshine again before you know it.

Have you experienced a disaster and need restorations? Make one call to our office to start recovery fast.

Why use the SERVPRO Emergency Ready Plan?

8/28/2023 (Permalink)

ERP Mobile app Available for download on your IOS or Android Device

With SERVPRO'S Emergency Ready Plan, you can stay a step ahead when an unexpected emergency occurs. Emergency Ready Plans are important so you can be able to timely mitigation and can help minimize how water and fire damage can affect your business. 

Another benefit for using SERVPRO'S ERP is because it is a no-cost assessment of your facility. 

The Emergency Ready Plan is available for download on your mobile device from the respective app store. Once downloaded, you can begin setting up your emergency ready plan by following the link below. You will need to give details such as full name, mobile number. email address, and set up a password for your profile.

Emergency Ready Plan Mobile App

Know When to Pro: Biohazard Edition

8/18/2023 (Permalink)

SERVPRO technician cleaning biohazard area We are here to help you when you need professional cleaning. We are Service Professionals!

Need help cleaning a crime scene, or simply need the removal of Biohazard pathogens? Well good news, Theirs a pro for that! 

When handling a bio clean-up, safety should always be the top priority. Every Biohazard cleaning should be handled carefully and respectfully by a professional.  SERVPRO of East Mission/South Edinburg employees have the proper safety equipment, training in handling and disposal, and compatibility with insurance companies for these types of situations. 

SERVPRO technicians go above and beyond to work through and around the clock to make sure your home or business is back up and running with out interrupting regular business hours or time away from your home.

If you want the job done right, call the pros at SERVPRO of East Mission/South Edinburg, We can help make it "Like it never even happened".

Know when to PRO!

3/31/2023 (Permalink)

Call us today! 956-585-3433 SERVPRO of East Mission/South Edinburg offers 24/7 emergency services for all Mission, and Edinburg residents.

With SERVPRO of East Mission/South Edinburg, you can rest assured that your home or business is in the hands of the professionals when it comes to disaster restoration and clean-up services. SERVPRO professionals are trained regularly to the highest I.I.C.R.C standards for Fire and Water restoration. We are also always equipped with highly advanced and elite equipment that is able to get the job done efficiently and effectively regardless of the size or type of loss. SERVPRO continues to be the number 1 leading Cleaning and Restoration company in the industry, and continues to grow nation wide! SERVPRO of East Mission/South Edinburg services the residents in Mission, TX as well as Edinburg, TX. 

We offer the most effective Mold Removal services in the RGV!

3/15/2023 (Permalink)

SERVPRO fleet We are always ready and faster to any disaster! Go with the pros at SERVPRO of East Mission/South Edinburg.

SERVPRO Performs Effective Mold Removal for East Mission/South Edinburg homes or businesses! 

Mold is a common and troubling issue for RGV homeowners and requires fast, professional service to resolve effectively. The first signs of mold, like musty smells and staining, can materialize rapidly and with little to no warning. Sometimes, these initial indications go unnoticed entirely. That said, when they are spotted, you need expert help fast.

SERVPRO usually arrives at your home within a few short hours of your initial call and can often remediate your mold-related damage in less time than other local firms. Once onsite, our mold specialists perform a thorough mold inspection, evaluating the extent of fungus-related impacts and identifying what needs to be addressed. After this initial assessment, our IICRC trained SERVPRO team, begins its mold remediation efforts and any necessary black mold damage repairs. We complete our work using the following methods and tools:

  • Sealing affected rooms off from other parts of a residence with plastic sheeting and containing mold spores with negative air chambers
  • Filtering mold spores from the air with cutting-edge air scrubbers and HEPA vacuums to eradicate these airborne threats and prevent their spread
  • Replacing irreparably impacted contents and building materials and rebuilding any collapsed areas
  • Pre-cleaning heavily soiled places before wiping mold from structural elements and other surfaces with mops, sponges, and cloths
  • Employing substances like sodium bicarbonate and dry ice to remove troublesome fungal growths
  • Fogging mold-damaged materials and surfaces with designer antifungals like SERVPROxide that can eliminate and prevent mold from returning for several weeks

At the same time, our skilled experts ensure that the particular issues that led to your current situation are corrected. In other words, all water leaks and moisture-related problems contributing to mold growth at your residence are fixed.

So, when you need quality mold removal service, call SERVPRO of East Mission/South Edinburg and our helpful professionals will assist you as soon as you call them at (956) 585-3433.

Fire Evacuation Routes

8/8/2022 (Permalink)

before and after home interior reconstruction by servpro mission edinburg location Have Water or Flood Damage? Call Us Today – (956) 585-3433

DID YOU KNOW? According to the CDC, nearly ten people die in a fire daily. An additional 46 people are injured each day, and the total cost of these injuries is believed to be an estimated $7.5 billion annually. A fire-specific emergency action plan is one of the simplest ways to save lives if a fire breaks out in your facility.

Where are some physical requirements for fire prevention?

  • Number of exits: OSHA states that a typical workplace must have a minimum of 2 exits. Every community-based organization is different in its size and design and therefore could be different needs, but overall, it will most likely need 2 viable exits
  • An exit route: this route must be a permanent part of the workplace. Each exit must lead directly outside and be big enough to accommodate the building's occupants. It’s important that all exits are unlocked from the inside at all times. (NOTE: Doors should swing out in the direction of the exit)
  • Provide proper lighting for exits
  • Post signs along the exit routes provide proper directions of travel. Ask yourself, “Would a lost and scared child be able to find an exit?” “Would a visit with bad eyesight be able to find the exit?”

Once everyone is safe and out of the building call 911 from the safe spot and once cleared by the fire department you may go back into the building. After the commotion, you may now call the ones to help with the rest of the damage. SERVPRO. SERVPRO will help with your insurance claim, clean-up, and restoration process. The whole works!

Types of Water: Gray Water, Black Water and White Water

8/8/2022 (Permalink)

water mitigation water extraction carpet cleaning by Servpro technician  Need Carpet or Upholstery Cleaning? Call Today – (956) 585-3433

Gray water may sound like something worth reusing, but what's in it exactly? Why don’t we draw the line between gray and black, to break it down. 

The main difference between the two is that black water has come into contact with fecal matter. Fecal matter is a haven for harmful bacteria and disease-causing pathogens. This waste doesn't break down and decompose in water fast or effectively enough for use in domestic irrigation without the risk of contamination.

Gray water, on the other hand, has not come into contact with solid human waste. This greatly decreases the risk of disease and increases the speed at which it can be broken down and safely reabsorbed into an active garden or lawn.

The line between white and gray, however, comes down to a number of possible additions made in the acts of washing, bathing, cooking, and cleaning. Unlike white water, gray water may contain soap particles, fat, and oil from cooking, hair, and even flakes of human skin. The exact contents of gray water depend heavily on the household producing it, so if you want to start reusing your gray water, you have to start regulating exactly what you send down the drain.

If you suffer from water damage in which you have gray or black water in your home call the professionals immediately. We will set up an inspection asap to get a technician out to your home and determine what category is in your home so we can start working on the mitigation process next!

Don’t wait to call SERVPRO of East Mission and South Edinburg for more information on our available services when it comes to black & gray water extraction.

Apartment Fire's 101

8/5/2022 (Permalink)

fire team clean up restoration soot damage Have Questions about Fire, Smoke, or Soot Damage? Call Us Today – (956) 585-3433

Nothing says that you’re in the valley like a fresh burger cooked on the grill. However, we all know how grills can pose a large fire risk, especially for apartment buildings. DID YOU KNOW? On average, 7900 fires occur every year due to gas grills. (July is a peak month for fires)

Many of these dangerous fires start when grills are used on balconies or patios on an upper level of a building allowing the fire to quickly spread throughout the building.

Apartment managers/ owners may follow these fire prevention tips:

-Include a section in the lease stating: “occupants shall not store grill or deep fry inside the dwelling unit, on a deck or patio of a dwelling unit or within 10 feet of any combustible material”

- During the summertime, post grill rules in the common spaces of the building to remind tenants

- Ensure that no grills are being stored on balconies, patios decks, or porches. Grills are often used where they are stored.

- If possible, provide a designated grilling area for tenants to use that’s far away from the building and any other combustibles.

If you DO experience a grilling fire in your apartment complex and the fire department has cleared your building for entrance you may call SERVPRO who can help you with the insurance claim, clean-up, and restoration process. We stand by your side through the hardest part of the comeback and we promise to provide you with a great job done.