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How To Keep Your Furniture Looking Brand New With Upholstery Cleaning

1/16/2019 (Permalink)

Call SERVPRO For any of your upholstery cleaning needs!

Daily maintenance is a MUST! if you aren't cleaning your furniture as part of your regular routines, now is the time to start. You may be equally amazed and disgusted to discover what is lurking between your couch cushions.

Set a calendar to mark down each day you need to do upholstery cleaning and set a few rules around your household to lessen the mess that can be made on your furniture. For example, you can have rules against eating or drinking while sitting on the couch. You'll lessen the crumbs and spills that are sure to find their way in between the cushions to keep your couch clean.

Its not enough to just set rules about food on the couch, because dust will also find it's way onto the surfaces of your furniture as well. Here is a brief overview of steps you can take to keep your furniture looking brand new with regular upholstery cleaning

1. Vacuum your furniture several times a month. The more frequently you vacuum everything, the less likely it is to cause permanent damage to the fabric.

2. Consult a professional about a fabric cleaner that is safe and effective to use on the type of material you need to use it on.

3. Test the cleaner in an unnoticeable place to make sure that it will not leave any stains. 

4. Clean your furniture with the recommended cleaner that you have tested.

5. Act on spills and stains aggressively, Meaning that you should clean them immediately.

The most important step is to pay for a professional upholstery cleaning as frequently as you can. While following all the other guidelines will keep your furniture in good condition, the only way to achieve the best outcomes is through hiring a professional.

Wall Cleaning Without Removing Paint.

1/14/2019 (Permalink)

SERVPRO'S wall cleaning solutions used to clean any tough stains.

The challenge of cleaning a wall is great when you consider how fragile the paint job on your wall might be. But there is a wall cleaning process that SERVPRO can utilize to help get your walls cleaned off while keeping their natural appearances.

Detergent is key. The main part of wall cleaning is to use a safe detergent that is NOT abrasive . Traditional dish soap is popular for being effective yet gentle. When applied with a soft sponge, you can get this compound to move well into the stain without disrupting the main wall surface.

What about vinegar? Vinegar is a prominent wall cleaning compound that we can mix with water if necessary. The chemical reactions from vinegar do well on stains but are not strong enough to break into a wall's paint job. This is a natural compound that work's well if you have a lighter stain that needs help.

Mild Degreasers help- A mild degreaser may be added onto a surface to wash off a wall. This wall cleaning compound works best on oil painted walls. Any sponges used for cleaning off a wall should be gentle. Also, A degreaser would work best in a kitchen where greasy materials are likely to be used.

Call a Cleaning Professional- Although you can manage to clean your walls yourself, its always best to leave it to a professional. SERVPRO Of East Mission/South Edinburg has many proper safe cleaning solutions for proper wall cleaning that will not ruin the paint on your wall's and leave them clean as a whistle!

See what our SERVPRO team has to offer when you are looking to get a wall cleaned off. We would be more than happy to assist you with cleaning any problematic stains off the walls of your home.