Storm Damage Photo Gallery

Technicians Taking Out Affected Contents From Customer's Home

Disasters Don't Wait. We are Here to Help After The Storm

Storms can be dangerous weather events that leave destruction to your property as well as cause injuries and occasionally even death. Below is a checklist to make sure your home and family are best prepared for any storms, so that you, your loved ones, and your home can stay safe. Include essential supplies such as food, water, a first aid kid, flashlights, and batteries to last a few days in the case of a severe storm or tornado. The high-speed wind of storms can send dead branches or even trees crashing through your windows, siding, and roof. Clearing these objects away from your house is an easy way to make sure they do not cause any damage. Take pictures of valuable items that you can use to show insurance later. If they are damaged or lost in the storm, you have better luck with your claim if you have documentation. Include date of purchase and purchase amount if you have that as well.

Storm Damage Caused by Hurricane Hannah

Strom Damage? We are Here to Help!

Hurricane Hannah Hit the Lower area of the RGV very strong. The aftermath of the storm left many with very costly storm damage. The picture above was one of our client's homes that was strongly hit by the storm's strong winds and rainfall. Our client was so devastated, they were left with uncertainty if the damage was fixable. Luckily, they called the professionals here at SERVPRO of East Mission/South Edinburg. We are currently still in the process of building back our client's home, but so far they have been very pleased! That is the best part of our day! Stay tuned for the finished results!

Curtain affected with water

Storm Imelda 9/30/2019

Storm Imelda has left many Houston homes flooded with water almost 12 inches high. Many Houston citizens had to evacuate their homes, and some even had to be on top of their roofs until help arrived. We hope that everyone in Houston recovers from storm Imelda. Keep posted for updates on storm Imelda! 

Damaged Ceiling by flooding in Houston

Storm Houston 9-24-2019

Another city was yet again a victim of a severe storm causing major flooding all around the Houston area. This storm nearly affected every home with more than 12' of water. We are now activated into Storm Mode!  

Black Spots on discolored ceiling and crown molding

Mold Growth Due to Water Damage not being handled by a professional

When Storm Florence Hit North Carolina, Our Storm Team came across Many Homes Who Where Affected By Mold due to Water coming in to homes. This storm came with very strong winds, and heavy rain.

Driveway with snow and trash

Snow Storm in Minneapolis

When Minneapolis was affected by a severe Snow Storm, Our Storm Team traveled all the way to help assist those whose homes where affected by water damage once the snow melted