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Preventative Cleaning At Kohl's

Cleaning at Community Kohl's

COVID-19 has been taking over many local businesses, and Kohl's is just one of the many that have been taking great measures to protect their customers. They called SERVPRO of East Mission and South Edinburg for our expertise. We immediately scheduled their job and left to clean their entire store including a wipe down of all touch surfaces. 

SERVPRO Van Outside Local Walgreens

Disinfection of Walgreens

During this current pandemic the requests for our cleaning services have been demanding. This includes many local businesses including this Walgreens. They contacted us for a preventative cleaning for the protection of their customers. We immediately got their job scheduled and left to get the job done!

Standing Water on concrete floor in commercial building

The Smallest Pipe Leaks Can Cause Large Water Damage


Perla Chapa - Marketing Coordinator 

During the weekend, our team responded to an emergency water loss in a commercial building. The source of damage/ cause of loss was due to a faulty pipe which started to leak causing some water damage to the building.

Standing Water in Carpet after commercial water loss

Commercial Water Loss SERVPRO is Here to Help!


Perla Chapa - Marketing Coordinator 

Our Technicians worked around the clock to make sure we got this office running as soon as possible to avoid getting in the way of business days. Our technicians then cleaned, and disinfected the carpets once water mitigation, and extraction was done. They were so pleased with how quick and hard working our technicians are. 

Water Heater burst in City Hall Building.


Perla Chapa - Marketing Coordinator 

A local City hall building got flooded with water after a water heater burst which affected 4 offices including restrooms, and hallways. Our technicians had to pull our carpet, and tile flooring in order for proper drying to occur. 

Emergency Water loss in Local Rehab Center

Even on Sundays we put our clients first. Our dedicated crew assisted with this commercial water loss in Mission, TX. Weekends, or not, we are always here to assist with any water loss emergencies in the valley.