Recent Fire Damage Before & After Photos

Fire: Clean-Up & Repair Services

When the firefighters are gone and you're left with the aftermath of a fire, it can be devastating. Being the number one preferred vendor for most insurances, t... READ MORE

Fire in McAllen Home Left Wooden Flooring Damaged

This Home was left with a significant amount of fire damage which left the homes wood flooring, walls, and ceilings affected with a large amount of soot damage.... READ MORE

Fire & Water loss in Mission Home.

A fire caused by an outlet in this mission home affected the entire structure of the home and left our customer with no electricity. Due to the fire fighters ef... READ MORE

Fire loss In Edinburg, TX Residential Property.

In this job, our Office received a Kitchen Fire loss that affected the entire dining area and some areas of the living room area. It took our team of fire profe... READ MORE

Local Mission Home Victim of a Fire Loss.

A fire loss can be devastating, Especially the extent of damage it can cause to a home of business. We were more than happy we were given the opportunity to ass... READ MORE

Sushi Bar Fire!

Update: We are at Day 6 on this local commercial fire job. Our technician josh, is doing an awesome job running his crew to make sure they get this business bac... READ MORE

No Fire loss is too Big or too Small for SERVPRO Professionals

In this customers home, An Electrical fire started in one of the 3 story high bedroom's and caught the curtain in the bedroom on fire. Luckily, The home owner c... READ MORE

Fire Damage to Clients Garage

Even a small fire can cause severe damages to anything that stands in its way. In this project, The cause of loss/ Source of damage was a water heater that was ... READ MORE

Small Fire Caused Severe Damage in local Mission, TX Home.

Our Clients home was the victim of a small fire loss that caused a significant amount of Smoke, Soot, and Water damage to walls, Contents, and ceilings. The sou... READ MORE